System Administration and Network Engineering

A series of conferences organized by Stichting SANE.
Co-sponsored by Stichting NLnet and USENIX, the Advanced Computing Systems Association.

Dear reader,

After the glorious early years, starting in '98, the SANE conferences have shown a slow decrease in the number of attendees over the years, approaching a level where organizing a next SANE conference might become more a financial challenge rather than a nice conference with the rock solid content that you were used to find at SANE.

While we have been hoping for a positive turn in the years since 2006, reality tells us now (May 2010) that organizing a new SANE conference in the short term or even mid term is not a viable option anymore for us.

Therefore we have decided to dissolve Stichting SANE, also to provide the community with a clear message about the (lack of) future for SANE. The good news is that there is still some money left from previous activities, which will be donated to NLUUG for two specific purposes which are aligned with the SANE goals:

  • € 5.000 sponsoring for a possible EuroBSDCon 2011 conference in the Netherlands,
  • approximately € 10.000 for NLUUG conference activities with an outspoken international character.
We want to thank everybody for their encouragement and enthusiasm for SANE over the years, and hope to meet you again at new international conference events (starting with EuroBSDCon?).

Regards, the SANE organizers.

Technology is advancing, the systems administration profession is changing rapidly, and you have to master new skills to keep apace.
At the International SANE (System Administration and Network Engineering) technical conferences and tutorial tracks you'll find a wealth of opportunities to meet other system administrators, and network (security) professionals and software developers with similar interests, while attending a program that brings you the latest in tools, techniques, security and networking.
You can learn from tutorials, refereed papers, invited talks, guru-is-in session, birds-of-a-feather sessions, and more.

Latest SANE news:
• May 2010: Stichting SANE has decided to terminate itself.
• Full video captures of the SANE 2000 presentations are now online !

Latest SANE 2006 news:
• The first selection of pictures are on-line [May 21, 2006]
• The on-line registration for SANE 2006 is now open! [February 6, 2006]
• Information about the hotels in and around Delft has been added [February 6, 2006]
• Registration information and pricing is added [January 24, 2006]
SANE 2006 announcement and call for papers is now available [June 13, 2005]