2nd International SANE Conference
May 22 - 25, 2000 MECC, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Only authors of the refereed papers were obliged to submit a paper, contrary to the invited speakers. This implicates that not all papers will be published on this web page. All papers are in PDF format

NEW Most of the conference presentations have been recorded on video, and these videotapes are now available for download in MPEG format. Many thanks to Chel van Gennip for performing the tedious conversions!

Brian Reid Blame Allocation: the key to system administration in a world in which absolutely everyone uses the Internet and abolutely no one is in charge Video 00:54:22
Barbara Dijker Wireless Internet Delivery Video 00:42:22
Eric Allman Future Directions of Sendmail Paper Video 01:27:29
Jeff Allen Cricket Video 01:11:39
Jon Lasser Bastille Linux Paper Video 00:40:55
Poul-Henning Kamp Jails: Confining the omnipotent root Paper Video 00:46:09
Bastiaan Bakker How to Ring a Swan. Adding tamper resistant authentication to Linux IPSec Paper Video 00:47:05
Ruediger Weis Architectures for Secure Multicast Communication Paper Video 00:39:52
Brian Pawlowski The NFS Version 4 Protocol Paper Video 01:18:11
Rodney Ramdas Modern File Systems and Storage Paper
Willem G. Knoop An experimental tool for visual data mining Paper Video 00:48:38
Lars-Johan Liman DNS-SEC Video 00:48:00
Joe Greco Usenet news system Paper and
Video 01:34:37
K.C. Claffy & Evi Nemeth Internet measurement: state of DeUnion
Pieter Maclaine Pont STPA
Thomas Fehr Automated Installation of Linux Systems Using YaST Video 00:44:24
Guido van Rooij Real Stateful TCP Packet Filtering in IP Filter Paper Video 00:45:31
K N Gopinath A Rule Based Interface to the Kernel for Selective Packet Relaying Paper Video 00:43:38
Mark Burgess Evaluation of cfengine's immunity model of site maintenance Paper Video 00:43:51
Alexios Zavras Deploying (and Developing) Free Software for Network Administration Paper Video 00:34:55
Steve Burnett Crypto Blunders Paper Video 00:47:30
Jos Visser The InSane Quiz Video 01:49:12

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