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[1st International SANE Conference]

SANE '98 - November 18-20, 1998

SANE '98 aftermath...

(the original SANE '98 web page may be found here)

Well, it's over. We were very pleased with the support we got from all of you visitors and sponsors. It's very encouraging for the future. As always, we're open for suggestions...

As promised, we'll be collecting speakers notes/slides (or pointers to them) and put them up on this page as they come in. Please check back from time to time (new ones will be marked [new]).

Hurray! Here are the pictures from SANE '98 !!

SANE'98 Speakers Notes, Slides, Papers...

Belgers, Walter / Looy, Hans van der Black Hats Session  
Cheswick, Bill Internet Attacks: the gory details  
Cockcroft, Adrian Sun Performance Tuning : morning session, afternoon session  
Krieken, John van IPv6 Migration (also as 4-up) [new]
Invited Talks and Refereed Papers
Graham, Douglas Securing Electronic Commerce: Identification and Authentication  
Herreman, Danny High-Performance Backup Recovery in the Enterprise (ask: dherreman@legato.com)  
Jongens, Sjoerd Building an affordable world-wide Intranet with the help of Linux  
Karrenberg, Daniël Internet Delay Measurements using Test Traffic: First Results  
Kolstad, Rob Dealing with Junk E-mail: Analysis and Techniques (ask: kolstad@bsdi.com)  
Knowles, Brad Sendmail Performance Tuning for Large Systems  
Lambermont, Hans (et. al.) Design and Implementation of a Distributed and Automated Intranet Server  
Rooij, Guido van FreeBSD in Professional Environments  
Rusch, Will RoboInst: SGI's Automated Software Installation Tool  
Salus, Peter H. Net Insecurity: Then and Now (1969-1998)  
Troan, Eric Software Packaging with RPM  
Venema, Wietse VMailer Postfix  
Ylitalo, Juha Case Study: User authentication and management in WWW: paper, slides  

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