3rd International SANE Conference
May 27 - 31, 2002 MECC, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Authors of the refereed papers were obliged to submit a paper, contrary to the invited speakers. This implicates that not all papers will be published on this web page.

Refereed speakers are:

Scheduled Maintenance Windows (what, why, and how) (Postscript), by Christine Hogan

"All your key bit are belong to us" the true story of black box cryptography (Postscript), by Rudiger Weis & Stefan Lucks

System administration as communication over a noisy channel (Postscript), by Mark Burgess

A self learning, content based SPAM filter (Postscript), by Tim Hemel

Bridging the Divide: Rising Awareness of Forensic Issues amongst Systems Administrators (Postscript), by Vlasti Broucek & Paul Turner

A Comparison of Portable Dynamic Web-content Technologies for the Apache Web Server (PDF), by Giorgos Gousios & Diomidis Spinellis

Simulating Web Workloads (Postscript), by Diane Lark

The Information Furnace: User-friendly Home Control (PDF), by Diomidis Spinellis

CUPS "Plug'n'Play" for network printing (PDF), by Kurt Pfeifle

Designing server software for zero down-time (Postscript), by Jochen Topf

Installing and Maintaining clusters of servers using PXE and Rsync (PDF), by Cor Bosman

Nomadic Collaboration Management (PDF), by Titos Saridakis

Avoiding the One-Off Monster Reusable System Engineering Techniques (PDF), by Joe Greco

E-Mail processing with Perl (PDF), by Mark Overmeer

Honey I caught a worm (PDF), by Arthur Donkers

Demilitarizing your backups and restores (PDF), by Xander Soldaat & Edmond van As

Argus: A Distributed Network Intrusion Detection System(PDF), by Srikanth Kandula, Sankalp Singh and Dheeraj Sanghi

Sociological phenomenae at Unix hacker conferences (PDF), by Jos Visser

Invited speakers are:

Generic vs. Specific SNMP tools (PDF), by Jurgen Schonwalder

The Honeynet Project, GenII Honeynets (PDF), by Lance Spitzner

Running fsck in the background (Postscript), by Kirk McKusick

Global distribution of free software (and other things) (PDF), by Maarten van Steen

Tutorial notes will not be published here, unless the author specifically gives his/her permission.

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