Internet Access: Wireless Network and Terminal Room

Thanks to the network folks at TU Delft, SANE 2006 will have a 100 Mbps link to the Internet. Traffic will be routed through SURFnet. A DHCP server will assign you a transparent, fully routable, public IP address.

Bring Your Laptop! Internet Access/Wireless Network

We're pleased to offer Internet connectivity at SANE 2006 via an open, unsecured 802.11b/g WiFi network with SSID "SANE2006". Those not wishing to use wireless can plug in and charge up in the Terminal Room. No laptop? No problem. The Terminal Room will offer a few *NIX terminals with a Web browser and your favorite shell.

The Conference LAN

The SANE 2006 conference network is provided to facilitate the exchange of ideas with other attendees and colleagues unable to attend. It is expected that attendees will respect each other's ability to do so and not intentionally disrupt the network.

  • Usage Guidelines
    The wired and wireless networks provided by SANE and TU Delft at this conference are for the use of conference attendees only, subject to the following conditions:
    • You need to comply with our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and those of the connection provider(s) TU Delft and SURFnet. A summary of the applicable AUP's will be handed out at the conference.
    • SANE and/or TU Delft may monitor these networks.
    • Any illicit or intrusive use of the network, including packet sniffing, is expressly forbidden.
    • The wireless network is open and insecure. SANE strongly recommends that all users encrypt their transmissions. Users are solely responsible for the security of their passwords and data.
  • Filtering Policy
    The conference network employs minimal filtering to ensure that the broadest range of applications have their requisite ports available. Outbound traffic to TCP/UDP ports [ 25, 445, 135, 137-139 ] will be filtered. Packets with originating IPs different from our inside network are denied egress (this includes non-routable network addresses).
  • Security
    The conference network is not secure. Use of encryption is highly recommended.
  • Network Range and Services
    DHCP service is provided on the wired and wireless network, so you most likely don't need the information below. If, for some reason, you can't use DHCP, please configure the services/adresses as listed below.
    	IPv4 network block :
    	IPv6 network block : 2001:7b8:372::/48
    	DNS server         : (
    	NTP server         : (
    	SMTP relay         : (
    	default gateway    : (
  • No liability is accepted for damages resulting from the use of these facilities.

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