Free Software Bazaar
17 May 2006, 18h30 - 22h00
Aula Congress Centre, Delft

In 1997, Eric S. Raymond wrote his article "The Cathedral & The Bazaar", which changed the view on software development dramatically. It sets the image of a large number of unorganized people gathering at a bazaar, creating powerful software together. No-one is telling them what they must do, progress in true freedom.

The Free Software Bazaar is a unique opportunity to meet other software developers, to get involved in the creation of Free Software. Meet the people you only know from email, discuss the latest developments, and have heated discussions about the future.

The Free Software Bazaar during SANE 2006 has a little broader focus: the freedom of cooperation on Internet. Freedom not only limited to software development, but also freedom of speech and organization, free software use, and privacy. PGP and CAcert keysigning, short "lightning"-talks, and BoF sessions will be on the program as well.

Visit the current time table to find out the time and location details of the talks and BoF's.

Bazaar coordination: Mark Overmeer and Bas de Lange, <>
Event organizers: ICONIQ, <>

The following communities will be present:

Offical name website Activities Subject 10min Talk Subject BoF
Adamantix Secure Linux, based on Debian Adamantix users & developers gathering
CAcert Building a "Web of Trust" CACert Signing
CodeYard Open Source software development on highschools
Covide Webbased CRM-groupware with Asterisk. Opensource Webenabled CTI Opensource Webbased CTI VoIP and Asterisk
Debian Linux distribution.
Edukitty Open Source software development for primary education.
E-GroupWare Community Nederland Promoting the use of eGroupWare as Groupware and CRM application eGroupWare introduction workshop (requires pre-registration)
Globule Globule extends Apache with replication and high-availability features Build your own Akamai-like content delivery network (for free)
Holland Open Software Platform Holland Open facilitates projects and initiatives related to Open Source, Open Standards, and Open Content.
ISOC-FLOSS Open standards and Open Source Software at the Dutch Government.
KDE Nederland The Dutch local group of the K Desktop Environment project.    
MINIX 3 Secure and Reliable Operating System R&D MINIX 3, Why bother?  
MonetDB A high-performance SQL and XQuery database system
MPlayer Free multimedia software. MPlayer Free Software Multi-media.
OpenBSD & OpenSSH FREE multi-platform 4.4BSD-based UNIX-like operating system.
Stichting NLnet Facilitates development of Internet.    
NLUUG Nederlandse UNIX Gebruikersgroep NLUUG
OpenTaal Creating, maintaining and distributing free Dutch language files that can be used by free and open source projects How to open up a language?  
OSS in het Onderwijs Promoting the use of open standards and increasing the knowledge about Open Source software in primary and secondary education. OSS starter packs: a way to remove another barrier
St Perl Promotie Nederland User-group of the "Perl" programming language.
PGP keysigning Web of Trust PGP Keysigning Party
The Samba Team Development of the Samba Suite Samba 4: Active Directory servers on UNIX
Simuze Online community where musicians can upload and share their music for free under a Creative Commons License. Open content and the music industry Ideas on sharing and promoting music online.
Stichting Stimulates the use of Open Source and Freeware software Free en Open Source Software Vidcast
Syllable desktop operating system User-friendly operating system optimized for desktop use Syllable OS; when lightning strikes Open Source Boekhoudsoftware General ledger Stock control Cash registers New TC 4 Turbocash on steroids
Ubuntu Nederland Support, translation and promotion of the Ubuntu Linux distribution. The Cool New Things planned for Ubuntu Dapper The Launchpad Collaboration
Veejay+Pure Data realtime video sampling Veejay
VideoLAN VLC is a multimedia player and streamer VLC Open Source MultiMedia
Vrijschrift & FFII Vrijschrift wants to give freedom of information a fixed place in our society Free Education: Wet Dream or Revolution? Softwarepatents & IPRED2: write software

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