SANE 2006 Refereed Papers

Here are the PDF files of the twelve papers, from the Refereed Papers track, with their (primary) author listed.

Purnendu SinhaEfficient real-time Linux interface for PCI devices: A study on hardening a Network Intrusion Detection System
Lorenzo ColittiAnalyzing and improving GNOME startup time
Luca DeriOpen Source VoIP Traffic Monitoring
George OikonomouPEGASUS: Competitive load balancing using inetd
Giorgos GousiosTuning Java's memory manager for high performance server applications
Armijn HemelUniversal Plug and Play: Dead simple or simply deadly?
Arjen LentzAn Introduction to MySQL Cluster Architecture and Use
Ray MillerConfiguration Management with Subversion, YAML and Perl Template Toolkit
Tim PantonSoft-phones and hard security
Rüdiger WeisCryptographic Hash Functions: Recent Results on Cryptanalysis and their Implications on System Security
Peter HoneymanNaming, Migration and Replication for NFSv4
Kostas ZorbadelosNon-stop Provision of Internet Services via a Reflectively Load-Sharing Architecture

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