Poster Sessions

The Posters provide an excellent forum for authors to present their work in an informal and interactive setting. Posters display speculative, late-breaking results or give an introduction to interesting, innovative work. Posters provide authors and participants with the ability to connect with each other and to engage in discussions about the work.

The posters will be set up on Thursday morning, May 18, 2006 in the Foyer of the Aula Congress Centre and will remain present during both conference days (May 18-19, 2006).

The Best Poster Award
All posters compete for The Best Poster Award which will be given out on Friday morning, May 19, 09:00 am in Collegezaal A.

The following posters have been accepted by the Poster Committee:

First name Last name Title poster Related URL
Bogdan Popescu Turtle: Safe and Private Data Sharing
Athanasios Douitsis SAA Collector: A system to gather, process, store and present network QoS measurements
Miek Gieben Easy (Personal) Backups with rdup
Yves Younan Applying machinemodel-aided countermeasure design to improve security
Martijn Warnier Agents in court
Wouter Wijngaards NSD3: Architectural Sketches of an Authoritative Name Server
Reza Haydarlou Are self-healing CoWS in your future?
Thomas Delaet Policy Driven Infrastructure Management
Julien Quint The Urakawa Project. A toolkit for digital talking books and multimedia authoring
Benno Overeinder Distributing and Retrieving Data with Authentication
David Mobach Bidding for Resources---Without the Hassle?
Melanie Rieback Privacy Protection in the Age of RFID
Bart Knubben OpenTaal
Carl Malamud Who Controls the Internet?
Jeroen Wester Guided Exploration: an ontology-based architecture for interactive exploration of information sources

Poster Committee
Ivana Belgers
Joost van Dijk
Jack Jansen

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